Royal Enfield Twins FT wheelie-uae-dubai

After shocking everyone in the field by finishing 3rd in the semi-finals and an incredible 6th place in the main race at Williams Grove Speedway in Pennsylvania, USA, Royal Enfield Twins FT is now headed to Texas to participate in its 2nd race of the American Flat Track competition.

The 2nd race of the American Flat Track competition is scheduled to take place coming weekend at Dixie Speedway in Atlanta. Johnny Lewis and the team has been working on the Royal Enfield Twins FT to improve its performance. They have tried several new parts and setups to extract out the maximum from the motorcycle. The chassis continues to perform exceptionally well and certain improvements to the engine have also been made.

Royal Enfield Twins FT & Johnny Lewis-uae-dubai

Speaking about the Royal Enfield Twins FT and the upcoming race, Johnny Lewis, Moto Anatomy x Royal Enfield racer, said, “We’ve been able to make positive steps forward with the Twins FT in the last two weeks, and there is still much to learn. The team is still 100% focused on the development and we understand more every time we run the bike. We know what happened and the team are already hard at work on adjustments and new parts so we’re ready for the Atlanta Short Track event.”

Also, the ladies of the BUILD TRAIN RACE program will join Lewis at Dixie Speedway as they debut their INT650 custom motorcycles as part of the Atlanta Short Track event. A special exhibition will take place during the weekend and fans will see the talented women compete against one another in an eight-lap Main. As part of the program, Lewis will spend a day with all four women this week to help with their racecraft ahead of the weekend.