We posted an article about One Moto a couple of months ago where we shared information about the brand’s three new electric scooters – Electa, Commuta, and Byka – for the UAE and also the idea behind their development. What caught our attention was the fact that One Moto’s products are the UAE’s first and only ESMA and RTA approved electric motorcycles.

We found the Electa to be very classy and attractive and thanks to One Moto, we were provided with a review unit in no time. Curious and excited, like a kid is for candy, we took the Electa out for a spin in Dubai and here’s what we think of it.

One Moto Electa-uae-dubai


We won’t hide it; we have a sweet spot for the classics and the One Moto Electa looks fabulous! Kudos to the brand for coming up with such a great design. If we didn’t tell you, it would be hard for you to believe by the looks of it, that the Electa is an electric scooter.

It has just the right amount of chrome (optional upgrade) to keep things balanced. Its round LED headlamp goes with the overall styling perfectly. Talking about the lighting, the Electa has full LED lighting – headlamp, tail light, turn signals, everything.

For One Moto Electa Arabic Review, watch the video below-


One Moto Electa might look classical and retro but it has a young heart. Powering this electric scooter is a 4kW Bosch Brushless DC Motor which is run by a 72V 40AH replaceable lithium battery which takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge via the provided charger.

Ride Quality

We found the Electa to be a breeze to ride around in town. It weighs just 115 kg which makes it very easy to manoeuvre in the streets. The electric motor is very smooth and you feel like you are floating over the tarmac than riding on it. However, you do have to be careful with the throttle, especially when you are taking off from a standstill because all the torque is available instantly; which is a character of an electric vehicle.

One Moto Electa-uae-dubai

One Moto says that the Electa has an approximate range of 120 km which, of course, would vary depending on the way you ride it. With the 3-pin charging adapter, you can get 80% of the juice in about an hour.

Although the Electa was quite fun to ride in the city, we didn’t have the same feeling when we hit the open roads because it has a top speed of only 85 km/h. And we do understand that and we are not complaining. The Electa isn’t built to do high-speed runs or break quarter-mile times, it is meant to be ridden in the city, well within the limits. And that, people, it does brilliantly.

One Moto Electa-uae-dubai

Cost of ownership

For a price of AED 16,950, the One Moto Electa might appear to be a bit heavy on the pocket but if you change your perspective, it actually makes sense.

The Electa doesn’t need a similar service like your petrol-powered two-wheeler. Since there are minimal moving parts, there’s less wear and tear. Of course, you would need to replace the consumables like brake pads, tyres, etc.

One Moto Electa-uae-dubai

Then there’s the fuel. The Electa doesn’t require you to visit the fuel stations and top up. It runs on electricity which is available right at your home. So, you save the fuel cost.

Also, you don’t need to pay any toll gate (Salik) fee and parking fee in Dubai. This will add up a lot to your overall savings.


As per One Moto, petrol-powered motorcycles emit 16 times more hydrocarbons than SUVs and thus, are harming the environment at an alarming rate. On the other hand, electric scooters/motorcycles are very environment-friendly. You can take a step toward saving the environment by opting for an electric vehicle.

One Moto Electa-uae-dubai

The Electa is a great electric scooter. It ticks off various checkboxes like aesthetics, good ride quality, long-term investment, etc. We’re quite confident that once you ride it, you will get the point we are making.

One Moto also tried to keep the cost of its electric scooters as low as possible. That’s why it doesn’t have any showrooms. All the sales are online and after-sales take place through Duseja Motorcycles. One Moto is also preparing to bring the thrid-generation of the Electa in December this year, which we think will be an even better deal.

One Moto Electa Specifications-

Dimensions1910x710x1120mm (LxWxH)
Net weight115 kg
Carrying capacity150 kg
Motor power4kW QS MOTO / 72V3200W
Motor typeBosch Brushless DC Motor
Battery capacity72V 40AH
Battery typeLithium removable
Range90-150 km approx
Charging time4-5 hours
Max speed85 km/h
Instrument consoleFully digital
Colour optionsBlack, blue, grey, pink, red, white, yellow