2024 ducati desertx rally front quarter

Ducati has taken one more step ahead with the DesertX. The already capable motorcycle now gets a race-bred Rally variant that is set to arrive at showrooms across the globe from Jan 2024.

Thanks to the new livery and solutions typical of the off-road world that characterize its appearance, the Ducati DesertX Rally communicates its character from the very first glance. However, it is thanks to the technical equipment that the Rally becomes a real off-road motorbike.

2024 ducati desertx rally jump

The high front mudguard guarantees usability even in particularly difficult ground conditions, the Kayaba suspensions with increased travel with closed cartridge fork and shock absorber with larger piston are derived from motocross and allow the rider to overcome any obstacle, while the new central-spoked wheels with sizes and characteristics specific to off-road racing make the Rally an unstoppable motorbike on any type of terrain.

At the front end, the Ducati DesertX Rally is equipped with new billet aluminium plates, rigid and light. To improve smoothness and resistance to wear, the fork tubes are equipped with Kashima Coating and the sliders with DLC surface treatment. The rear is made up of an aluminium swingarm with a different attachment point compared to the standard DesertX, with a fully adjustable shock absorber with a larger piston to improve the bike’s behaviour in the most demanding off-road use.

2024 ducati desertx rally water crossing

The Ducati DesertX Rally is equipped with wheels characterized by specific measurements for off-road, more robust and lighter thanks to hubs machined from solid, carbon steel central spokes and high-strength Takasago Excel rims with inner tube.

Powering the Ducati DesertX Rally is the 937 cc Ducati Testastretta twin-cylinder engine with desmodromic distribution that makes a maximum power of 110 hp at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6,500 rpm.