Moto Guzzi 100 Years is the editorial work of Rizzoli Illustrati. It celebrates the myth of the eagle brand, one of the most innovative, loved and famous motorcycle manufacturers in the world in the year of its hundredth anniversary. The book was presented in Milan.

A volume of great aesthetic elegance that spans a century of history with the contributions of ten authoritative international personalities who celebrate their love for Moto Guzzi. A richly illustrated volume with splendid unpublished images in which the ten authors, distinguished and distant in terms of culture, origin, personal history and training, tell of their passion for splendid Italian motorcycles.

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It is the testimony of the uniqueness of Moto Guzzi, a brand that after a hundred years from its birth continues to embody the values ​​of its brilliant founders. Since 1921 every single Moto Guzzi that has traveled the roads of the world has been assembled by hand, with craftsmanship and love for the product in the Mandello del Lario factory.

This profound authenticity is the hallmark of every Moto Guzzi and is the value recognized and shared by ten authors around the world: a famous actor, a writer, three passionate journalists, an astronaut, a world-famous architect, a professor at Harvard, a DJ, a great designer. From London to Hollywood, from Tokyo to Sardinia, from Vermont to Mandello del Lario. It is a common thread that binds those who love Moto Guzzi and what these motorcycles represent.

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Moto Guzzi reinterprets its first hundred years, with the contribution of these extraordinary authors, while preparing the next hundred, on the strength of a success that marks a second youth. A completely renewed motorcycle range, full of the best electronic driving support technology and projects that are about to blossom, accompany Moto Guzzi towards a future that promises to be no less brilliant than its fantastic past.

The century of Moto Guzzi represents a moment of great pride for the entire Italian industry and what is celebrated is a story lived always looking ahead, with the ability to innovate while remaining faithful to its talents and traditions. It has been a century of splendid motorcycles, of victories, of adventures, of extraordinary characters.

Moto Guzzi has signed victories on circuits all over the world, winning 14 World Titles. It was the speed record bike, a symbol of a country’s growth, it was the bike of the Police, the Army and it has extended this vocation also abroad by equipping the Californian Police and, more recently, that of Berlin and many cities of Europe and has always been the bike of the Corazzieri, the elite body that accompanies the President of the Italian Republic.