If you own a track machine and all you do is ride it on the street, you aren’t doing it right. In order to enhance your skill and command over your super sport motorcycle, you need to push it to its limits, but in the right environment. I have seen many sportbike owners push their luck by riding aggressively on the street, risking life and limb in the process. Why not take it easy on the street and go nuts on a proper racetrack?

Dubai has a brilliant racetrack that is open to track days for riders with all kinds of riding experience. You don’t have to be a professional racer to participate in a track day. All you need is a sportbike and a one-piece leather suit and you’re good to go.

But first, let’s face the facts. Track days are not race events, they are more like training sessions for a race event. Track days can be expensive, but not compared to speeding tickets, insurance points and most importantly, your safety. The controlled environment of a racetrack is much safer, especially if you choose to ride fast on the street.

Here is the pricing for motorcycle track days in Dubai at Dubai Autodrome

• Club Circuit – AED 400 (evening)
• Club & National Circuit – AED 650 (afternoon)
• International Circuit – AED 750 (afternoon)
• Grand Prix Circuit – AED 850 (afternoon)

Here are their rules and regulations

All motorcycles must be of a road worthy manner, and will be safety checked prior to participants being allowed on track. For a standard Track Day/Evening, all riders must be in possession of a valid and current road or competition licence.

Safety is paramount and all riders must have either full leathers or two pieced zipped together leathers. Helmets, boots and gloves are mandatory. Front facing lights are compulsory and must be securely attached to the front of the motorcycle, be a minimum of 55w and show a distinct pattern on the ground in front of the motorcycle. Rear facing lights must be centrally mounted and non-flashing. Track day costs depends on Dubai Autodrome circuit configurations being used on the day.

Note: Riders who have not participated in Track Days at Dubai Autodrome before must first enroll and partake in a Novice Track Evening.

For more details, visit www.dubaiautodrome.com/bike-track-days/

Image: Dubai Autodrome