Michelin Road 6 tyres

The Michelin Road 6 tire brings enthusiasts multiple new features designed to improve wet grip, longevity and appearance on a range of motorcycles.

The new tire, available now, is designed to improve performance for roadster, trail, sport and GT motorcycles and is available in the standard Michelin Road 6 tire range, as well as the Michelin Road 6 GT tire range for larger, heavier touring motorcycles.

Technologies from Michelin’s research centers around the world, coupled with the class-leading technology of the tire’s predecessor, the Michelin Road 5 tire, leverage two decades of innovation to bring riders the following benefits:

Wet grip: The Michelin Road 6 tire has 15% more grip than its predecessor in wet conditions thanks to silica technology tread compounds and a new tread pattern featuring Michelin Water Evergrip Technology.

Longevity: The Michelin Road 6 tire delivers a 10% longer tread life compared with the previous generation.

Michelin Road 6 structure

Tread design: An optimized ratio of grooves to rubber, known as the void ratio, gives improved grip performance in both wet and dry conditions. This ratio is not compromised when cornering, so riders have constant and accurate feedback from their tires. The Michelin X-Sipe Technology combined with Michelin Water Evergrip Technology ensures the tire has consistent grip throughout conditions and maintains its grip even as the tire wears – giving riders confidence in the tire from the first mile to the last mile. There are also new groove and sipe angles with longer edges that cut through water film and maintain road grip.

Tire compounds: Michelin Silica Rain Technology improves the tire’s grip in colder conditions and on wet roads, promoting continuous performance and longer tread life. New for the Michelin Road 6 tire ranges is Michelin 2CT+ Technology applied for the first time to the front tire, giving riders more stability entering corners.

Tire architecture: Michelin Amplified Density Technology is a highly dense, rigid tire casing that gives riders excellent feedback and handling. Aramid tread plies resist centrifugal growth at speed, reduce weight and provide stability.

Improved aesthetics: Michelin Premium Touch Technology is used in the design of the sidewalls, a feature originating from ultra-high-performance tires for sportscars. This exclusive technology uses microgeometry on the sidewalls to create texture, which in turn allows it to modulate contrast and create shades of gray to highlight the tire markings and give an attractive finish.

The new tire range comprises six front and eight rear sizes, while the GT tire range is available in one front and three rear sizes. This complete range provides fitments for everything from small roadsters such as the KTM 390, through trail bikes, and up to GT machines such as the BMW K1600 GT/GTL.