Learning how to ride a motorcycle on a race track is a task that most of the motorbike enthusiasts would have in their bucket list. And that’s brilliant because a good track rider (usually) makes a good street rider. Wouldn’t you agree? However, it is really significant that you learn from an experienced coach.

In today’s digital era where everything’s just a click away, you will find a plethora of videos online regarding learning motorcycle track riding. However, it is quite likely that most of that content would be inappropriate or incorrect. There are possibilities that instead of learning and honing your track riding skills, you could deteriorate them. So it becomes utmost important that you always look for the best and reliable available resource/coach possible to sharpen your skills. And who could be a better coach than the multiple times British Motorcycle champion, Mike Edwards.

Edwards started his racing career back in 1982. He has 6 British Championships to his name, won a European Championship, and several other wins on the ‘real roads’ at the North West 200 and the Macau Grand Prix. Edwards is also the last Briton to have won the Imola 200.

Mike has been coaching aspiring riders for over 12 years now. He has recently started working as one of the only two motorcycle coaches with an American ‘online coaching’ company www.racers360.com. Considering the current unprecedented and difficult times because of the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning, irrespective of the field, has become quite the norm. It allows information to be accessible to everyone from anywhere. Keeping this in mind, Mike has started his own Distance Coaching.

The idea behind Mike’s Distance Coaching is to provide the necessary guidance to the riders by assessing their onboard track footage. Since most of the riders usually mount an action camera during their track days, getting some good onboard track videos should not be that difficult. These videos are a great source of visual data that can be used for distance coaching.

With the provided media, Mike can assess the riding style of riders from a remote location. He would offer observations with comments and annotations added to the video, before returning it to the riders for them to watch as many times as they would like and learn. It’s a very easy and effective solution to being able to coach someone when it may not be practical or possible for Mike to be physically present on track to coach them in a dedicated one to one scenario.


For the riders in the UAE, Edwards is offering a special deal. Interested riders can live stream or instantly download Mike’s Bahrain or Dubai Autodrome circuit guide and also get a coaching session with him with their own track video. All this for just GBP 75 or approximately AED 350. For more information regarding the same, please visit Mike’s coaching website, www.v121pro.com.

Mike has also built a comprehensive knowledge base to help riders through ‘info vids’ of riding techniques, covering topics such as braking, body position, overtaking, throttle control, layout and line, and much more. These videos are available exclusively to his subscribers for a small monthly subscription. You can find out more at www.patreon.com/no1bloke.