KLIM Badlands Pro A3 jacket

KLIM is excited to release the new Badlands Pro A3 Jacket and Pant, the world’s first CE AAA-rated GORE-TEX textile motorcycle garment. The Idaho-based company is proud to set a new standard for adventure motorcycle protection by creating a garment that beats the comfort compromises and drawbacks typically associated with highly protective AAA-rated gear.

The coveted CE AAA rating, certified to standard EN 17092-2, has historically only been awarded to leather outerwear such as racing suits and select textile garments, which all come with significant heat, bulk and flexibility compromises by nature. It was an understanding that the materials and construction needed to receive this rating would be excessively bulky and hot, both in textile and leather form. For example, AAA-rated riding jeans are available, but they’re excessively heavy and hot, making them impractical for extended trips.

KLIM Badlands Pro A3 jacket action

The lowest CE rating for garments with abrasion protection and impact protection is the A rating. This is the easiest of the A-ratings to earn. The next highest is CE AA, which is often the target for apparel manufacturers to build their gear. For example, KLIM’s Touring and Adventure gear lines are full of CE AA-rated gear.

This is highly sufficient for normal riding scenarios, price points and rider comfort levels to suit commuting, adventure riding, touring and other disciplines that end up riding pavement at high speed. However, the elusive AAA rating has remained possible but unrealistic for gear meant for adventure travel because of the expected associated comfort penalties. KLIM sought to challenge that.

KLIM Badlands Pro A3 jacket outdoor

To question the preconceived notions of AAA-rated gear, KLIM’s fabric sourcing and development team worked on creating a piece of new fabric, in partnership with GORE-TEX and Vectran. The Vectran fibers are made from liquid-crystal polymers, and have been used in Mars rover landings, sailcloth, bowstrings, medical devices and other highly specialized applications – but never before in motorcycle apparel.

The Vectran fiber fabric in the Badlands Pro A3 is made of Vectran fibers and high tenacity twisted-yarn Cordura nylon, creating exceptional abrasion protection and cut resistance. When comparing the main body fabric in the Badlands Pro and the new Vectran fiber fabric, there is a significant 17% increase in strength and 10% decrease in weight for those materials. Working with Gore to meet their stringent quality and performance standards, they used GORE-TEX Pro shell technology to build a three-layer laminate to guarantee waterproofness and breathability.

KLIM Badlands Pro A3 jacket and pant

Using the proven Badlands Pro chassis, with its robust Superfabric overlays already capable of exceeding AAA-rating requirements, KLIM integrated this new fabric into key areas of the highly ventilated, armored platform. Adjustable vents provide airflow, D3O Aero Pro armor provides exceptional impact protection, and extensive storage options complete the garment to make Badlands Pro A3 completely unmatched in the motorcycle gear playing field – the world’s first CE AAA-rated GORE-TEX motorcycle garment.