kawasaki zx-4r-teaser

Rumours about the Kawasaki ZX-4R have been doing the rounds of the internet from as early as May 2021. It’s being said that this new motorcycle is likely to be based on the Kawasaki ZX-25R, an inline 4-cylinder quarter-liter machine that revs over 16,000 rpms and sounds bloody brilliant. But again, everything was just a rumour and there has not been any official statement from Kawasaki.

In recent developments, Kawasaki Indonesia has teased a new motorcycle on its social media channels. The teaser is literally a teaser as it gives out hardly any information. All we get is a carbon fiber backdrop, a distorted exhaust sound clip, and sword-slashing sound effects. There are high chances that it could be another ZX product from Kawasaki but nothing is for sure as of now.

Based on the earlier rumours, the Kawasaki ZX-4R would feature a big-bored version the ZX-25R’s high-revving 250cc engine which is capable of making around 50 horses. The 4R would also sport a wider rear tyre and a better braking set-up for enhanced stopping power.

Well, whether the teaser is of the ZX-4R or not, the air will be cleared on October 1 when Kawasaki Indonesia is expected to reveal the motorcycle on its social media channels.