Kawasaki-H2-HySE-hydrogen-motorcycle-front quarter

Kawasaki revealed its first hydrogen motorcycle at the Group Vision 2030 Progress Report Meeting held earlier this month. Based on the company’s mighty H2 SX, the hydrogen motorcycle looks pretty complete, however, it is not. The test runs are scheduled to begin in 2024 and Kawasaki plans to commercialize the hydrogen-engine-powered motorcycles by 2030.

Kawasaki-H2-HySE-hydrogen-motorcycle-rear quarter

What we can infer from the images here is that the Kawasaki hydrogen motorcycle shown at the meeting features a design that’s familiar to us thanks to the brand’s H2 range of machines. However, there are a few key differences.

Kawasaki-H2-HySE-hydrogen-motorcycle-front fairing

For instance, the H-shaped headlight represents that it is a hydrogen motorcycle. Then we have the large panniers that are supposed to carry hydrogen cylinders. The location of the exhaust is different to accommodate the panniers which also have space for dual tail light assemblies.

Kawasaki-H2-HySE-hydrogen-motorcycle-rear quarter close up

Any more details have not been disclosed by Kawasaki. However, a four-wheeled baby carriage equipped with the same engine is scheduled to participate in the Dakar Rally to be held in January 2024.

Kawasaki-H2-HySE-hydrogen-motorcycle-with rider