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Jordan Baja 2019, undoubtedly one of the most awaited motorsport events in the Middle East, is finally underway. Today, we witnessed an action-packed stage 1 which is now over. It involved brilliant riding, unbelievable talent, and some bad luck for some participants. Here’s a quick update after Stage 1.

Moh’d AL-BALLOSHI’s exceptional riding during stage 1 was indeed a sight. He was literally flying on his KTM 450 Rally. He had some issues with his fuel pump which, in turn, slowed down his pace. Thankfully, the great KTM Amman Service Team at the service stop analysed the problem and rectified it sending AL-BALLOSHI back into the course. Even after this hiccup, he was running in the first place.

Followed him into the second place was Abdullah AL-SHATTI. He too is riding a KTM 450 Rally. Tackling those dunes and unexpected terrain isn’t as easy as these talented riders make it look like. AL-SHATTI seemed fine and faced no obstacles in stage 1 of the Jordan Baja 2019.

Jordan Baja 2019 Stage 1 results
Jordan Baja 2019 Stage 1 results

Unfortunately, not everyone gets lucky. Sultan AL-BALLOSHI was storming through the racecourse when a stone hit his hand. You can only imagine the sheer speed and pace Sultan would have been carrying on his Kawasaki KX450F when this happened. The impact broke one of his fingers but he didn’t show a sign of stress or anguish. He was given the first aid at the service stop after which he continued his race into stage 2. He was running in third place at the end of stage 1.

The fourth place at the end of stage 1 is taken by the Jordanian rider Ata AL-HMOUD. He is an experienced rider and has a flying record in the world of motorsports. Unfortunately, it was just not his day at stage 1 of Jordan Baja 2019. First, AL-HMOUD encountered a flat tyre on his Beta 480 in the middle of nowhere and thus, had to ride with that for almost 80km before getting the problem resolved. Later, he had a dangerous crash and it seems that he hurt his abdominal. He was taken away in an ambulance and his return to the race is questionable. We wish him a fast recovery.

Jordan Baja 2019-poster-uae-dubaiMoving on, for someone who’s participating in the Jordan Baja for the first time, Abdullah ABU AISHEH did pretty good in stage 1. He is in fifth place on his KTM EXC500F.

Then we have Hamzeh AL-ZAWAHREH who is in sixth place. His ride is a Kawasaki KX450F. Riding the only Yamaha (WR45) in the Baja is Saif AL-ABBADI who has taken seventh place whereas Abdullah BOSHMAF is running last in eighth place on KTM EXC500.

The Bike Nation Team is right there in the field to bring you guys all the latest updates of the Jordan Baja 2019 whose difficulty level was underestimated by most of the riders. The action will continue. Stay tuned for the updates.