Most of the motorcycles out on the road are chain-driven. Yes, there are shaft and belt-driven models available but a majority of people use chain-driven bikes. And they know the painstaking task of maintaining their chains – lubing, cleaning, etc. Well, it seems these tasks would be a thing of the past as Regina, an Italian company, has introduced a maintenance-free motorcycle chain.

Regina’s maintenance-free Z-Ring HPE chain uses a proprietary Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coating which is an extremely smooth coating, eliminating a huge amount of friction, while at the same time protecting the metal from rust and corrosion.

Regina is yet to announce the pricing but it is understandable that this chain would certainly be on the expensive side. The Italian company will start making it available for purchase in 520 size from November 2022.

While a maintenance-free motorcycle chain definitely sounds wonderful, it would still be a better idea to keep it clean for optimum performance and long-lasting life.