yamaha yzf-25-amsas

Yamaha, one of the top names in the world motorcycle industry, has set a goal to eliminate two-wheeler accidents by 2050. The Japanese brand plans to achieve this goal by introducing many new technologies including its latest low-speed self-balancing tech for motorcycles.

As per media reports on the internet, Yamaha is working on a self-balancing technology that could reduce the number of motorcycle accidents. The company calls this tech Advanced Motorcycle Stabilisation Assist System or AMSAS.

Yamaha says that the AMAS will use the motorcycle’s 6-axis IMU and a set of actuators to keep the bike stable at low speeds of up to 5 km/h. So basically, the system will prevent the motorcycle from tipping over at walking speeds.

For now, it’s being said that Yamaha’s AMAS tech is still in development. It’s perhaps halfway there. The company is testing it on its YZF-R25.