Radar-based tech is slowing trickling down its way into the motorcycle industry. On one hand, BMW Motorrad had announced earlier this year that its future bikes will come equipped with the company’s new Active Cruise Control (ACC). On the other hand, Ducati is already using radar-based tech on its latest Multistrada V4. In fact, it’s the first motorcycle in the world to feature the revolutionary front and rear radar systems. So eventually, more motorcycles from different manufacturers will have radar-based tech in the future and Honda will be one of them.

Honda is reportedly working on a radar-based cruise control system for future Goldwing models. We can see in the leaked patent image that the Japanese company is planning to place the radar sensor in the middle of the gigantic cruiser’s headlamps. This way the radar sensor would be able to do its job without interfering with the aesthetics of the motorcycle.


It is also being said that Honda would use a sponge-type material to fill the gap between the radar sensor and Goldwing’s bodywork to prevent vibrations from the fairing being transmitted to the radar sensor.

Another interesting fact to note here is that Ducati’s radar-based tech is developed jointly with Bosch. Same is the case with BMW Motorrad. And it’s very likely that Honda too will use a radar sensor from Bosch. Speculations suggest that it would be until at least 2022 before the Goldwing gets the radar-based cruise control.