honda clutch-by-wire patent image

A few leaked patent images suggest that Honda is working on a new clutch-by-wire system for motorcycles. The new technology aims to replace the conventional cable mechanism and hydraulic setup that is used to operate the clutch.

The patent drawings reveal that Honda’s new clutch-by-wire system would consist of a hydraulic pressure control unit that would receive instantaneous data from the ride-by-wire system such as the throttle position, rpm, vehicle speed, gear position, and whatnot. A computer will monitor all this information and the clutch will be operated based on that without any physical connection between the clutch lever and the clutch itself.

honda clutch-by-wire working

The use of such a clutch-by-wire system would result in a smoother and lighter clutch operation that means precise and quick gear changes. It would also play a major role in launch control and quickshifter systems enhancing the overall riding experience.

For experienced riders who would prefer to have the usual clutch lever feel, Honda is planning to incorporate a “reactive force generation device” that would be designed to provide some tension in the lever replicating the feedback that riders usually experience in conventional clutch cable setups.

honda clutch-by-wire patent

Since this will be highly advanced and new technology, it’s certainly going to be expensive and thus would make its way first into Honda’s range-topping and premium motorcycles such as the Gold Wing or Africa Twin.