Supercharged Harley FXDR

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are famous for many things but boasting about their high horsepower figures isn’t style. But that doesn’t mean these machines are any less powerful or capable. Utilizing the full potential of a Harley FXDR and some more, UK-based TTS Performance has used their magic wand to achieve a power output of 286 BHP from the motorcycle on the dyno.

The Harley FXDR 117 build isn’t just about aesthetics. It is more inclined towards performance and that’s quite evident by the fact that this two-wheeler is fitted with a Rotrex C30-94 supercharger. The result is a whopping 286 BHP on the dyno. And as for the torque, it is 338 Nm.

You can check out the video above in which the custom Harley FXDR 117 is screaming like it is ready to attack. It sounds insane and scary. Perhaps, it is not something that you’d like to see in your rearview mirror. The video also gives us a walkaround of the motorcycle showing what all has been tweaked.

Go have a look.