Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle have always had a bitter-sweet rivalry. However, things became rather explicit when Indian fired shots at Harley’s Road Glide Special with its latest Challenger Challenge Campaign whose tagline is ‘May the best V-twin win’.

Under this campaign, Indian has put its latest 2020 Challenger against the Road Glide Special and shared some videos in which the latter was (apparently) defeated. There was no way HD was going to let this pass and thus here’s how it has (unofficially) responded.


It seems HD used social media to convey its response. An image on Instagram reveals what the American motorcycle manufacturer has to say about this whole challenge.

Social media marketing campaigns are necessary in today’s world, however, we don’t expect brands to target each other explicitly. It appears that things slipped off this time and Harley has said, ‘Tow challenge accepted’.

So we are expecting to so see some action in the days ahead. Let’s see how would Indian reacts to this new finding.