2022 Ducati Scrambler_1100 Tribute Pro

Ducati Scrambler has achieved the 100,000 sales mark globally. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has announced that it has come to this milestone in the year in which the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first historic model is celebrated.

Ducati relaunched the Scrambler project in 2015, taking all the ingredients of the original 1960s bike and giving life to a new world, called the Land of Joy, where values, experiences and ideals can be shared. Since the year of its arrival, Scrambler Ducati has represented a true benchmark, a new trend and a new interpretation of the motorcycle world.

Carrera Eyewear-ducati scrambler-glasses

Historically made at the request of the Berliner brothers, Ducati importers for the United States in the 1960s, who wanted a model that suited the tastes of American motorcyclists, the first Scrambler Ducati went into production in 1962 and ended in 1975. The bike immediately achieved great success due also to its technical characteristics but mainly thanks to a style and attitude capable of embodying the nonconformist and rebellious spirit of those years.

To celebrate this important anniversary and these achievements, Scrambler Ducati has collaborated with Carrera Eyewear, already Official Partner of Ducati Corse for the Eyewear Collection, to create an iconic pair of sunglasses made for the occasion in a limited edition of only 60 pieces.