Ducati_Monster_Senna _fuel tank

Ducati has introduced the Monster Senna Special Edition, a tribute to the legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna. Limited to just 341 units, this exclusive model commemorates Senna’s three World Titles and 41 Grand Prix victories.

A Legacy Honored

This special edition celebrates the enduring connection between Ducati and Senna. The unique livery, crafted by Centro Stile Ducati, reflects this partnership. The design incorporates yellow, green, and blue accents, mirroring Senna’s iconic helmet and the Brazilian flag.

Ducati_Monster_Senna-left side

Historical Significance

The choice of the Monster model is significant. Ayrton Senna was an early owner of the Monster 900, which he rode around Monte Carlo and showcased at the 1993 Monaco F1 Grand Prix gala. The Monster’s sporty engine, Superbike-derived chassis, wide handlebars, and minimalist design encapsulate the joy of riding that Senna cherished.

Exclusive Design

The Monster Senna’s special livery pays homage to Senna’s racing spirit and Brazilian heritage. This limited edition is a testament to Ducati’s ongoing relationship with the Senna family and Senna Brands, keeping the racing icon’s legacy alive.

Ducati_Monster_Senna-front quarter

With its distinctive look and historical resonance, the Monster Senna Special Edition is a must-have for collectors and fans of both Ducati and Ayrton Senna.