Everyone is familiar with the fact that Dubai Police has some of the world’s fastest and advanced vehicles/machines in its fleet. However, in an attempt to break all stereotypes (again) and continue to use the latest technology, Dubai Police is planning to soon use hoverbikes to keep the crime in check. Here’s a short video.

This quad-rotor flying bike is designed by a Russian company called Hoversurf. It is based on Hoversurf’s pre-existing Scorpion platform, which the company describes as a ‘human carrying drone’ and ‘extreme sports instrument’. On its website, Hoversurf is taking pre-orders for the crowd-funded project. It was showcased at the GITEX, which is the biggest technology expo in the Gulf region. It is an electric vehicle and can attain speeds of up to 70kph with a rider astride. It can also be used unmanned for surveillance and can do around 100 kph. Its maximum programmable height is 5m and has a range of about 25 minutes. It comes with rechargeable batteries which take approximately 3 hours to get fully charged. However, they are also swappable.

Everything sounds like the future is here but the major concern is safety. A machine of such size which can carry around 300kg and has four rotors and is capable to do 100 kph; how risky would it be to use it in traffic or in crowded places? We hope Dubai Police will have an answer to this question, and many others, by the time it starts using it in real-time. It is definitely another technological magic and is cool, but what good it would be if it’s not safe. We are looking forward to getting more details about the Hovering Police in Dubai. Stay tuned.