Getting an aftermarket slip-on exhaust and a high-performance air filter is, perhaps, amongst the easiest and most basic performance modifications that you can do to your motorcycle. DNA is one of the world-renowned brands that make high-performance air filters for a plethora of motorbikes. The company has now made one for the ultimate power cruiser, the BMW R 18.

dna air filter for bmw r 18

DNA air filter for the BMW R 18 is now available in the market. It comes with the Stage 2 kit that adds power, torque and improves throttle response. This system eliminates the restrictive, plastic OEM intake box with a specially designed bracket that holds the high-performance DNA air filter with a substantially increased surface area. Clean, efficient airflow is increased 44.87% over stock, allowing you to get the most horsepower and smoothest throttle response.

Speaking of horsepower, the BMW R 18 uses a massive 1802cc air/oil-cooled engine which is the highest displacement boxer engine that BMW Motorrad has ever built. This gigantic motor has been tuned to pump out 91hp at 4750rpm and 157Nm at just 3000rpm. There’s a 6-speed gearbox that is linked to an open shaft drive.