husqvarna Dirt Bikes For Kids

Looking for dirt bikes for kids? Husqvarna has revealed 3 of them – TC 50, TC 65 and TC 85.

The latest model of the Husqvarna TC 50 and TC 65 offers multiple new things such as adjustable bodywork, various handlebar mounting positions, and suspension. Husqvarna has also tweaked the exhausts and updated the jetting settings and footrests.

husqvarna Dirt Bike For Kids

The Husqvarna TC 65 gets a new WP rear shock with reduced travel to enhance the balance. A new mounting position for that shock also allows an increase in energy absorption. The dirt bike also features changes to the engine.

Both the TC 50 and TC 65 also come with Brisk spark plugs, Formula brakes, Maxxis tyres, ODI grips and Twin Air filters.

husqvarna dirt bike

While multiple changes can be found on both these dirt bikes, the TC 85 remains more or less unchanged from the 2023 model. What is it like? Well, you would want to give it to your kid when he/she outgrows the TC 50.