custom indian ftr left side

Brice Hennebert, the owner of Workhorse Speed Shop, has not wasted his time during the lockdown. After creating Appaloosa V1.0 in 2019 for the Sultans of Sprint then re-working the Indian Scout build into Appaloosa V2.0 for the Baikal Mile Ice Festival, Brice has focussed his attention on building two special dream bikes from the Indian FTR.

Since these couple of projects are still in their development stages, there’s not much info available on them at the moment. However, Brice has revealed some key and interesting details about them.

custom indian ftr rear

The first build is called the Black Swan. Brice says that the concept of this project came a few years ago when he was racing at Wheels & Waves against the Miracle Mike Scout built by The Young Guns. During that time, he had the vision to build a sports bike for road use. But, really sporty, built like a GP bike. It’s deeply inspired by 90’s sports bikes, all made from carbon fibre. That’s what happens when he has total freedom from the commissioners of a project. And he’s even thinking about doing a small series of this bike for sale.

The second FTR project is based on the 80s era AMA SBK race bikes and Rally cars. Black Swan and the FTR AMA project are for two brothers. The brother that commissioned Black Swan asked Brice to design a second build for his brother. Something colourful but sharp like a war tank. The only restriction was that it should have a Martini Racing livery.

custom indian ftr rear tyre exhaust

After a little research and brainstorming, the main influence became the Lancia Delta HF. Brice has mixed this with a bit of the early Bol d’Or race bikes and some muscle bike flavour keeping an upright riding position, close to the original FTR which works so well.