How do you describe a man who is loved by so many? It’s tricky. It wont take you long to be mesmerised with Claude’s warm and welcoming personality. Those who know him have nothing but praises for him and there’s an admiration that hard to miss. It’s a biker-to-biker thing, which only bikers will understand.

A legend in the Middle Eastern riding community, Claude Abry is known across the region for his love for Harley-Davidsons, long rides and most of all, his adventure spirit. When I met him, he had just returned from a month long trip to Argentina where he was scouting routes for his touring company, Dream Roads World.

As I would with any interview, I had a set of questions lined up for Claude. By the end of it, I found myself barely sticking to the script. The conversation I had with Claude opened up my eyes to a level of motorcycling I had only heard of. Crossing continents on 80cc bikes, riding with kings, having a slide at 5,000 metres above sea level, 300,000 plus kilometres on one machine, so on and so forth. The lists of Claude’s achievements were endless and to be honest, he lays them down with such humility, something that makes the best stand out from the rest.

Claude comes from a family of motorcyclists, him being a third generation rider and his children now being the fourth. When there’s such a long lineage of motorcycling in the family, being on two wheels is second nature. Being an off-road and enduro rider myself, I don’t usually understand Harley-Davidson riders as I should. However, I established an instant connection with Claude because his approach to motorcycling is what I’d call neutral, he is more into the spirit of motorcycling and not about motorcycles.

After more than an hour of talking about various routes and motorcycles we had ridden, we eventually got down to discussing Claude’s new venture in Dubai, Dream Roads World. Claude lovingly calls it a venture that calls out to those addicted to two wheels and adventure!

The philosophy behind this motorcycle touring company is simple. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

There’s a whole world out there just begging to be seen from the seat of a Harley-Davidson. Fancy churning up dust in the desert? Cruising breathtakingly beautiful coastlines? Winding your way through the Alps? Claude’s touring company wants to turn that dream into a reality. Dream Roads is about motorcycling and travelling being a passion.

Dream Roads offers adventure travel enthusiasts not only motorcycle rentals in top destinations around the world, but also provides the option of packaged motorcycle tours. These tours provide Bikers with the chance to see and discover any country as it was meant to be seen – on the back of a Harley-Davidson, without having to worry about any of the itinerary and accommodation planning.

If you want to ride the best roads, stay in the best hotels, and enjoy every aspect of a road trip, but without the hassle of organising it yourself, Dream Roads World is the right place for you. Dream Roads has been created for new and experienced riders to travel and explore the world from the seat of a Harley-Davidson. Planned by bikers, for bikers, the tours seek out scenic routes, traffic-free roads, interesting twisties and thundering straights.

Also, Claude’s company is something you will cherish the most when you ride with Dream Roads World.