Brapper Shop is a new online store that has been launched in Dubai. It is offering a plethora of motorcycle-related products such as helmets, protective gear, accessories spread over 100 categories and 2,000 items coming from several popular brands. The store is also selling a wide range of tires from companies such as Avon, Pirelli, Dunlop, Metzeler, etc.


“Our team is passionate about motorcycles and has extensive knowledge in the field. We strive to make this experience best for all customers by offering them a wide variety of products,” states a press statement from Brapper Shop.

With the creation of the online store, the Brapper Shop’s team aims to reduce the gap between demand and supply, and provide riders with quality products at affordable prices. It also believes that offering customers different sizes and brands, is not enough for a great and memorable experience and, hence, it aims to sell high-end products through the online Brapper Shop that would provide buyers with exclusive items.

You can check out their online store at