BRABUS 1300 R-action shot

Since 1977, the BRABUS name has been synonymous with luxury, handcrafted exclusivity, and performance. Known globally among enthusiasts for the creation of high-performance supercars and as automotive individualization experts for over four decades, BRABUS has since also established itself in the marine sector through its series of exclusive day boats. Now, the company is expanding once again – broadening its focus towards high-end motorcycling in collaboration with KTM.

BRABUS 1300 R static

The all-new BRABUS 1300 R boasts, exclusive, high-end elegance design, combined with brutal performance. It is the first-ever BRABUS motorbike – an unmistakable Naked bike designed for enthusiasts with an eye for details. Developed to merge both BRABUS’ and KTM’s deeply rooted identities and design styles, the BRABUS 1300 R represents the best of both brands.

BRABUS 1300 R front right

Key ingredients of the BRABUS ‘Black and Bold’ design language include two signature paint schemes, forged BRABUS Monoblock Z wheels, high-end carbon body elements and a stylish custom-made seat, treated with expert attention to detail by the BRABUS interior specialists. This all defines the bike’s exceedingly unique and sporty character and ensures an instant 1-second wow factor.

BRABUS 1300 R seat

Making use of the astonishing V-twin engine, which pumps out 180 hp at 9500 rpm and 140 Nm at 8000 rpm: a performance that you’d expect from the BRABUS brand. Designed to challenge the limits of forwarding thrust, it sets a new standard for exclusive high-performance desirability.

BRABUS 1300 R closeup

To add an extra touch of exclusivity, the BRABUS 1300 R is offered in just two distinct colors – MAGMA RED and SIGNATURE BLACK. Only 77 of each color will go into production, with 77 signifying the year in which the BRABUS company was formed.

BRABUS 1300 R with car

From a technical standpoint, the BRABUS 1300 R makes use of the latest WP APEX semi-active suspension. This allows riders to select between 6 dedicated damping modes – COMFORT, STREET, SPORT, TRACK, ADVANCED – or an AUTO mode that automatically adapts to road and riding conditions.