BMW R18 Transcontinental front left

BMW has come up with a new motorcycle based on the R18. It’s called the BMW R18 Transcontinental and it has got features that make it a perfect motorcycle that you need for an ultimate road trip.

Since the BMW R18 Transcontinental is based on the R18, it has many familiar features, especially the mechanical ones. For instance, powering the motorcycle is the same 1802cc air-cooled boxer engine producing 89 HP and 157 Nm. Similarly, both bikes share the exposed shaft drive and twin loop steel frame. But some elements make the new R18 Transcontinental a better touring motorcycle.


BMW has tweaked the rear suspension of the R18 Transcontinental to provide 30% more travel for a more comfortable ride. The fuel tank capacity has also been increased to 24L for a longer tank range. Of course, there’s the front fairing that keeps all the windblast away making cruising on highways that much easier. The BMW R18 Transcontinental also has some vents in the fairing to channel the air towards the rider if needed.

Another feature for improved comfort is the newly designed seat. The footboards have also been created to suit the BMW R18 Transcontinental’s nature. The motorcycle also comes with panniers and a top box for storage solutions. While cruise control has been made a standard fitment, customers can also go for the optional active cruise control feature.

BMW R18 Transcontinental right side

Then we have the large 10.25-in Full HD TFT display for the instrument cluster along with a bunch of old-school analogue dials. The BMW R18 Transcontinental also gets a navigation system and Marshall sound system which can be upgraded to Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits offering an even more immersive experience.

The BMW R18 Transcontinental weighs a whopping 427 kg and is expected to arrive at the dealerships in the coming few months.