Bikers Café will be celebrating its sixth year on the 6th of May and this year’s celebration will be even better and bigger than those in past years.

Bikers Café; was founded by Khalid Bin Hadher; a motorcycle and automobile enthusiast. His aim was to create a gathering spot for bikers of the UAE. A space created for bikers by a biker who knows their needs. Over time, Bikers Café became the place to be for bikers as well as cyclists and automobile enthusiasts.

The festivities will kick off at 6 p.m. at Bikers Café Dubai with a spectacular display of six locally built and award winning custom bikes. Truly an unmissable event as these bikes have never been displayed in one place at the same time before.


The evening will peak with the announcement of the start of the 3rd Biker Café Build Off and the unveiling of the bikes chosen to be the blank canvas for the three build builders chosen to compete this year. The two previous build offs showed how much creativity, talent and passion is available in the UAE and those who saw the resulting absolutely breathtaking custom built bikes were wowed by what could be achieved with a low-end 160cc stock motorcycle. This years competition will be even more challenging and will require every bit of creativity and effort from the participating teams.


Visitors to Bikers Café will surely have a wonderful time and to cap it all off they will be enjoying their famous BBQ throughout the evening. So book your places early, as the place will definitely be packed. Special thanks goes to Mario Diaz, Marketing Manager of Bikers Café for putting this great event along with all other Bikers Cafe events and initiatives together.

Bike Nation Magazine will also be there to celebrate with you and cover the event. So look for us there and let us know what you think.

Happy 6th Birthday Bikers Café and we wish you the best of luck in the future. Keep it up guys; you’re doing a wonderful job.