Big Daddy Kustoms-34-in wheel Bagger-custom motorcycles-uae-dubai

Taking motorcycle customisation to a whole new level, Big Daddy Kustoms, Dubai has successfully built a massive 34” wheel Bagger! Why, you ask? Well, because why not?

Maher Rabbani, a.k.a., Big Daddy, has an expertise in custom building motorcycles with unusually large front wheels. In the past, he has built Baggers with 26”, 30”, and even 32” wheels. However, this time he has pushed the envelope a little too further with his latest build.

Big Daddy Kustoms-34-in wheel Bagger-custom motorcycles-uae-dubai

Customising a motorcycle, that too at such an extreme level isn’t a child’s play. A lot of hard work, money, and time goes behind each such built. Perhaps, one of the most difficult parts to source/build in this project has to be the 34” wheel itself.

And it’s not just the wheel, Big Daddy Kustoms had to source the tyre for it as well because such a tyre didn’t exist. Well, that’s something normal to face when you have the first biggest wheel on a Bagger motorcycle outside the USA and the third in the whole world!

It was simply impossible to fit the humongous 34” wheel in the existing frame, therefore, an entirely new frame had to be constructed from the ground up. This new frame was a ‘lay-down’ type so that the bike could actually sit on its belly.

We also have to mention the phenomenal artwork that has been put on this 34” Bagger. It is magnificent and gels with the bike’s overall design, look, and character. We couldn’t imagine this bike in any other colour or graphics.

Big Daddy Kustoms-34-in wheel Bagger-custom motorcycles-uae-dubai

Building custom motorcycles open up so many doors and ideas. We have seen many custom bikes in the past and the 34” Bagger has to be among the best. This is why we at Bike Nation love custom-built bikes. They bring out the real you from within. Your custom motorcycle is a reflection of your personality. We have got a whole series called CUSTOM CATCH dedicated to such bikes.