AGV Tourmodular Helmet on ducati

World-renowned motorcycle helmet manufacturer, AGV, has introduced a new and improved Tourmodular helmet that comes with an integrated DMC system.

Tourmodular has obtained ECE 2206 homologation, according to its strict standards, and is the result of the AGV EXTREME SAFETY manufacturing protocol, a design approach developed over 75 years of AGV experience and performance that actually entails much higher safety standards than those required by current regulations.

AGV Tourmodular Helmet white

The helmet’s unique structure in carbon, aramid fiber and fiberglass guarantees both solidity and lightness, allowing motorcycle riders to feel less fatigue and focus exclusively on riding.

The helmet’s details help ensure maximum comfort and stability: The metal visor mechanisms are designed to maximize both field of vision and protection area; the optical class 1 visor is up to 4 mm thick – twice the average – for superior protection. On the inside, the Ritmo and Shalimar fabrics absorb moisture and sweat while the edging in water-repellent synthetic leather keeps the water out in the event of heavy rain.

AGV Tourmodular Helmet black

The AGV Micro-opening system allows you to keep the visor open for airflow while ensuring it is securely attached to the chin guard.

The four adjustable air vents allow the wearer to adjust ventilation. The helmet’s aerodynamic design minimizes turbulence and helmet movement even at high speeds with a dynamic weight of zero at 130 km/h, and allows Tourmodular to exceed P/J homologation standard seven with the chin guard up.

AGV Tourmodular Helmet silver

AGV Tourmodular is the first modular helmet designed to be compatible with an integrated communication system featuring DMC Dynamic Mesh Communication technology, the most advanced wireless communication system for motorcycle riders. The AGV INSYDE intercom system was developed with Cardo and allows up to 15 riders to interact at the same time, guaranteeing network stability and optimal audio quality, up to a total distance of 6 km.

AGV Tourmodular is the perfect helmet for any kind of travel, so you can take on your journey with the greatest possible safety and comfort.