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The Italian Mint has recently unveiled a set of three commemorative coins dedicated to honoring Ducati, a legendary motorcycle manufacturer. This tribute comes in recognition of Ducati’s stellar achievements in 2023, a year marked by Alvaro Bautista’s Superbike World Championship triumph and Francesco Bagnaia’s second MotoGP World Championship title, both accomplished aboard Ducati-powered machines.

In an official statement, Ducati confirmed that the silver €5 coins were crafted to celebrate the brand’s remarkable successes in the racing arena. However, rather than solely focusing on the recent victories, the coins take a retrospective journey through Ducati’s illustrious history.

ducati coins

Each coin features a significant Ducati model: the latest Panigale V4, the iconic 916, and the historic 1949 Ducati 60. These selections were made to symbolize pivotal moments in Ducati’s evolution. The Panigale V4 represents the present, embodying the cutting-edge technology and performance prowess of modern Ducati motorcycles. The timeless beauty and racing heritage of the 916 pay homage to Ducati’s illustrious past, while the 1949 Ducati 60 holds a special place as the brand’s first complete motorcycle produced entirely in Borgo Panigale.

On the reverse side of the coins, alternating designs depict different eras of Ducati’s production facility, providing a glimpse into the brand’s storied legacy. When purchased as a triptych, the coins feature the iconic Ducati Red accentuating the images of the motorcycles. Sold individually, each coin boasts a red Ducati logo on the rear, complemented by a silver rendering of the respective bike.

ducati coin

Coin enthusiasts and Ducati aficionados alike can mark their calendars for March 5th, the date when the coins will go on sale. The issuance of these special coins is scheduled to commence on June 20th, allowing collectors and fans the opportunity to own a piece of Ducati’s rich history.

The unveiling of these commemorative coins not only celebrates Ducati’s achievements but also pays homage to the brand’s enduring legacy and its significant contributions to the world of motorcycles. As Ducati continues to push the boundaries of innovation and performance, these coins serve as a tangible reminder of the brand’s enduring spirit and timeless appeal.