vespa-946-dragon-front quarter

Vespa has announced yet another limited edition and special iteration of its scooter called the Vespa 946 Dragon.

vespa-946-dragon-left side

Chinese New Year has always been about celebrating good luck and prosperity, and few animals in the Lunar Calendar signify this more than the dragon. As such, it’s clad in a subtle yet eye-catching golden hue that’s said to be a nod to the mythical creature’s power, and the prosperity it brings along with it. The special-edition scooter is set for an exclusive celebration in Hong Kong on January 24, 2024, and serves as the global debut of this collector’s edition scooter.

vespa-946-dragon-front quarter left

The Vespa 946 Dragon will be limited to just 1,888 units, and will be made available in key markets, US and Canada included. The bike features a vibrant emerald green dragon, painted in a similar fashion as to how traditional Chinese dragons are depicted. In this form, the dragon is said to symbolize energy, while having an air of class and sophistication. Indeed, Vespa says that it’s a mirror of its scooters, too, which blend top-notch craftsmanship with modern technology.


Speaking of technology, the Dragon makes use of the already impressive Vespa 946 as its base. It’s one of the fancier models in Vespa’s catalog, and is powered by a 150cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected, four-valve engine. In the 946, this engine is tuned to produce a respectable 11.3 horsepower and 7.6 pound-feet of torque. It also gets modern-day accoutrements such as LED lighting, dual-channel ABS, and a digital instrument cluster.

In line with the launch of the special edition scooter, Vespa has also unveiled a unique fashion item to go along with the new 946 Dragon. Dubbed the Dragon Varsity Jacket, it’s meant to echo the scooter’s legacy and style, and is made out of ribbed wool and nappa leather with an intricate dragon motif. Additionally, the jacket boasts Vespa’s V monogram up front, and features a similar emerald green dragon as that on the scooter. Like the scooter, as well, the Dragon Varsity Jacket is hand-crafted in Italy.