At Bike Nation Magazine, we are always on the lookout for those who share a passion for custom built motorcycles. Our quest to find and showcase all the skilled motorcycle builders across the middle east led us to Mohammad Anwar Al Ameeri; AKA “Royal Builder”.

Al Ameeri started building bikes back in 2009 as a hobby and judging by his work now, he sure seems to have gone a long way. So far he has built five bikes, mainly choppers and bobbers but Al Ameeri likes to take his own time creating these masterpieces. He prefers building choppers as he feels they are more challenging.

The bike featured here is a 2011 model, Pro Street style with a soft tail backend. It is powered by a TP Engineering engine that displaces around 2000cc. He picked this engine as he believes that this is the best in the market in this class. This engine is mated to an RSD 6-speed gearbox produced by Baker Co., which send power to the 300mm wide rear wheel via a BDL 3-inch primary drive.

One of the most outstanding features of this motorcycle is its 23-inch front tyre, which sits on an RC components wheel. All in all, Al Ameeri spent three months assembling this motorcycle and he is very proud of it, as he should be.

However; he is now working on building a bike for charity. His idea is something that will make your hearts melt, no matter how hard boiled of a biker you are. He plans to build this new custom motorcycle until it is about 90% complete then move it to an Autism school where he plans to finish the build along with the students of this school by bolting on parts and painting it.

The motorcycle will then be auctioned and the entire proceedings will be donated to charities and institutions that support Autism across the UAE.

Al Ameeri is making all of us proud with his gesture but most of all, he is underlining his reputation as a benevolent and seriously skilled motorcycle builder.

Photography: Laura Huntley