HYPURE Brake Caliper

When it comes to braking on high-performance motorcycles, the top name that comes to every enthusiast’s mind is Brembo. These guys have mastered the art of bringing super-fast motorcycles to a halt in no time. In almost all the top-end machines, we see Brembo brakes.

As motorcycles are getting faster and faster, it is of utmost significance for the braking system to catch up too. And that’s why, Brembo has come up with its new game-changing HYPURE brake caliper for high-performance motorcycles.

Brembo HYPURE Key Features

Thanks to its distinctive asymmetrical design, HYPURE achieves a remarkable 10% weight reduction compared to the reference caliper for the same application, making it the lightest component in its class.

Brembo HYPURE Brake Caliper close up

This reduced weight doesn’t compromise stiffness. The caliper retains a high rigidity, improving both performance and handling and providing riders with a competitive edge.

HYPURE’s advanced heat transfer capability ensures consistent braking performance, allowing riders to push their limits with confidence.

The unique spring/pad/pin system, featuring a patented design, along with a specially crafted bearing surface between the caliper and pad, minimizes residual torque. This makes HYPURE not only more effective but also greener than the previous solutions.