Arai Helmets-uae-dubai

American Flat Track (AFT) and Arai Helmet, Inc. has signed a multiyear partnership agreement naming Arai Helmets, the industry leader in head protection, as the Official Helmet of American Flat Track.

Arai pride themselves on finding more protection within the limits of a helmet. While absorbing impact energy is important, Arai believes that avoiding or minimizing impact energy from getting inside the helmet is where more performance can be found. The ability to slide on a surface, or skip off of an object, can help disperse impact energy and avoid sending it directly into the helmet. Arai refers to this as Glancing Off and believes that the ability to glance off energy is one of the most important performance characteristics of a helmet.

In addition to its partnership with American Flat Track, Arai supports many riders and teams as a contribution to increasing the culture of safety in the paddock.

“Arai helmets have been chosen by many legends in motorsport and continue to set the standard all others aspire to,” said Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track. “We are honoured to join them in a long-term partnership and have them bring their technology and expertise to the American Flat Track.”