Electric motorcycles are slowly and steadily advancing towards a much reliable means of transport. With many manufacturers turning their attention this way, we’re to get to see many more models in the near future. Zero Motorcycles has already got a few products to offer, and it just added another one to its fleet. This one is called the DSR Black Forest.

With its latest product, Zero Motorcycles is trying to cater the needs of those bunch of people (motorcyclist) who likes to do touring on their machines. There are many capable touring motorcycles available in the market, but the DSR Black Forest is an electric one.

Speaking about the bike, Zero Motorcycles European Managing Director, Umberto Uccelli, said, “Our customers have been asking for a model like this for years. Riding a Zero is the most connected way to move through nature. The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest extends this to new, longer, and more fun adventures.”

Touring motorcycles need to be capable of covering long distances in one-go, therefore, the DSR Black Forest has been specifically designed to do just that. According to Zero Motorcycles, they have built the new bike based on the growing demands of riding enthusiasts seeking to tour on electric motorcycles. The DSR Black Forest has got a range of 250 km when ridden in the city, and around 120 km on the highway.


Well, that’s not exactly the best number for a touring motorcycle, but hey, it’s an electric bike. Touring on this will should make you feel content and happy as you’d be doing good work to help the environment. And we’re expecting Zero to enhance the range in the future models. However, this one gets Zero’s new charge tank, which is basically a quick charger. Zero says that it takes less than an hour to fully charge the power bank of the DSR Black Forest. It also says that the bike has got company’s highest power and energy density battery technology.

The new DSR Black Forest has been given certain accessories to make it appear as a touring motorcycle. It has got hard case panniers and top box for storing luggage, a touring screen to keep the wind-blast in check, a comfortable saddle to help you ride for long distance, (not that you’d be able to go quite far in a single charge) and crash bars to keep the bike safe in case of a fall. A pair of auxiliary lights and headlight protector is also available for off-road riding.

As of now, Zero Motorcycles hasn’t revealed the price and/or availability of the new DSR Black Forest. It is expected to reach dealerships from April. Most probably it’s going to be available only for the European markets. We’d tracking its activities and let you guys know if Zero plans to bring it to our land.