Ducati Panigale 1199-uae-dubai

Ducati has released a recall notice of its Panigale 1199 and 1299 bikes over a potential engine oil leak. As per the reports, a total of 651 units combined could be affected by this recall.

Reason for recall

It has been found out that in some cases, an exceeding flow of engine oil could reach the airbox and possibly leak from the airbox drain, directly onto the rear wheel. This could possibly pose a safety threat for the rider and others around for obvious reasons.

Affected models

2014-2018 Ducati 1199 SL
2014-2018 Ducati Panigale R V2
2014-2018 Ducati 1299 SL
2014-2018 Ducati 1299 FE

Manufactured between December 17, 2013, and November 20, 2018.


Ducati will contact the owners of the affected models by the end of October or early November. They will be notified about the issue and requested to make an appointment with a Ducati dealership to get the problem rectified. The dealerships will install a new blow-by valve kit which will keep the airbox drain from leaking engine oil.

Most units affected by this recall are under factory warranty, units outside of warranty will be covered at no charge to the customer including support for roadside assistance to get their units to an authorised dealer.

As of now, this recall is limited to the USA and Ducati UAE hasn’t released any such recall notice for the UAE.