Valentino Rossi’s primary job is to race in MotoGP championships, but he has a lot of other stuff to do, all of which is somehow related to motorcycles. He has his own track in Italy where he practices to improve his riding skills and also teaches other riders. The folks at VR|46 are well aware of the Doctor’s interests and passion, therefore, they turned a Yamaha XJR1300 into a flat tracker especially for him

Yamaha-XJR1300-VR46-Mya-flat-track-19This custom-built flat tracker has been designed by Rodolfo Frascoli, who created the Suzuki Katana 3.0 concept. The bike looks gorgeous. It has been designed in such a manner that parts from different Yamaha motorcycles can be used to build it. For example, the twin headlights have been taken from a Yamaha R1.

These guys named this flat tracker as ‘Mya’. Mya carries the Euro 3 engine of the XJR1300 and weighs a lot. But these folks were determined to use this Yamaha only to make a new flat tracker. And they’ve done a pretty good job, didn’t they?

Yamaha-XJR1300-VR46-Mya-flat-track-07Although the entire motorcycle looks very attractive, there are a few specific elements that caught our attention more than the others. The double-barrel Akrapovic 4-2-1-2 exhaust, for example. It is a very beautiful looking piece of art and we’re sure it sounds twice as good as it looks.

Let’s see when can we spot Rossi doing rounds of his track on this.