Yamaha Motor Corporation has issued a recall of certain models of the Super Tenere from the model year 2012 -2013 pertaining to possible wiring corrosion issues.

The company states that over the time, a gap may develop in the protective sealant where the lead wires of the Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) connect to the ECU.

This gap may, in turn, lead to corrosion on the wires that would later prevent the engine from returning to idle after the throttle is released. A total of 4,736 models of the adventure touring motorcycles are involved in the recall.

Yamaha will be notifying the owners, post which the dealers would bypass the wire lead connection with a new cub lead harness multi-connector. Cost of all the necessary repairs for the bikes would be borne by Yamaha. The recall is expected to begin this month

The Super Tenere qualified as Yamaha’s toughest answer to BMW’s R 1200 GS when it was launched back in 2010. However, as the R 1200 GS grew, it came up with new techs and updates. Meanwhile, the Super Tenere was stagnated in its class.

However, this changed in 2014, when the bike got some fresh updates off Yamaha’s holster. Yamaha, in 2014, subdued the Super Tenere with new electronically controlled suspensions. The ES system featured new pre-load settings, three damping adjustments and an additional seven damping fine-tuning adjustments.

This pushed the bike back to compete for a neck to neck with BMW’s crowned ADV. The 2014 model saw some serious cosmetic as well as ergonomic upgrades along with enhanced riding modes.
Post the 2014 update, Super Tenere remained stagnant again, while its competitor R 1200GS leapt forward with the demands of its time.