Yamaha is all set to launch its latest three-wheel offering, the Niken. Ever since it was first showcased last year, we’ve been at the edge of our chairs to get to see this amazing motorcycle in flesh. We did come to know recently that the Niken will be available at the dealerships sooner than expected. Now, Yamaha is ready to launch it in the UK.

According to the guys at Visordown, the launch of the Niken will take place tomorrow. Yamaha might have planned to schedule the launch at different dates for different regions. We are still in a blur when it will be coming to the UAE.

Anyway, Yamaha has also begun accepting orders online. So, in the UK it gets a price tag of £13,499, that’s roughly about AED 66,893. This is much more than the Yamaha MT09, from which Yamaha has borrowed the engine for the Niken. It is a 3-cylinder engine that produces 115 horsepower. That’s quite enough. But how is it going to hold up in a 263 kg three-wheel motorcycle? We’ll get to know soon.

It would be quite interesting to see how people react to the new Niken. It is a significant product for Yamaha. We are expecting it to be available in our region pretty soon. And once it gets here, we’d try to get our hands on it at the earliest.

Source – Visordown