The Japanese came up with another interesting idea to flatter the world; implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a motorcycle. Well, of course, in a concept motorcycle, but we’re pretty sure that Yamaha isn’t fooling around. It is called the MOTOROiD and it will be showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Yamaha says that the MOTOROiD concept will be able to ‘recognising its owner and interacting in other capacities like a living creature.’ That’s it. That is all the information that has been told to the world about this new concept. Oh, yes, we can tell you one more thing about it, it looks dope! See for yourself.

It is quite obvious that the MOTOROiD will be an electric motorcycle. We can see a motor at the rear hub and also a few batteries below the frame. No details regarding its range, power, top speed, etc have been revealed. We’re quite excited to see the AI work on this one but at the same time, it’s the design that left us gazing at it. The two ‘winglets’ emerging from under the saddle and shaping themselves to properly grip the rider. It’s awesome. Also, it can be seen that its riding position is quite aggressive. The handlebars are forward-set and bent towards the ground at an angle.

yamaha-motoroid-uae-dubai-02Yamaha has also left us wondering on its statement about the MOTOROiD concept. We are unable to imagine how would it interact with its owner, or would have other senses. God! Anyway, more details will be out at the Tokyo Motor Show that is scheduled to be held on 25th Oct 2017.