The motorcycle industry has come so far today. We’ve seen some major technological developments in the last few years that have evolved the modern motorcycles. And the technological advancements in motorsports like MotoGP are even more impressive and unbelievable. However, there is still one thing that we haven’t achieved – flying motorcycles. Or have we?

French motorcycle company Lazareth is quite popular for making some out-of-the-box products. You must be familiar with its LM 847. If you didn’t know this bike’s name, you definitely must have seen its picture as it was everywhere. So, yeah, Lazareth fitted Maserati’s 4.7-liter, 470hp, V8 engine in the LM 847. It wasn’t the brightest idea to make a perfect motorcycle, but it surely grabbed a lot of attention. And boy it looked mechanically pleasing.

So now the French have returned with their another weird and unconventional creature. This time they have crossed the boundaries and claim to have got a flying motorcycle. They even have a teaser video up and live. And even a launch date. This isn’t some machine that we would or might be able to see in the late future. But Lazareth has got it right now. Watch the video and you’ll know.

This flying motorcycle is based on Lazareth’s LM 847. It would be a jet-powered hover machine. Its wheels move out and turn to face down the ground so that the thrust could lift up the machine. Everything is simply very fascinating.

Well, how true all this is we will get to know pretty soon. Lazareth has got a launch date of 31st Jan 2019. I am very excited to see what the French have got this time. It all looks so unreal but I’d really like it to be true. Wait for a second, if this does become a reality, would Dubai Police include this in its patrol vehicles? Hmm, that would be another interesting thing to know; flying motorcycle and hoverbikes.