A long road trip on a motorcycle you admire is all you need to kick off the negativity from your life. And things get even better if you get some company. For motorcyclists, a road trip with fellow bikers and/or friends is something that they never deny to. But planning a group ride isn’t as easy as planning a solo trip. So, to make things easier for you and your friends, try the WolfPack app.

Founded by Jonathan Chashper, WolfPack an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. It supports both Android and iOS. It allows you to create groups and invite your friends. It’s a great way to plan a road trip. The app makes use of Google Maps with slight modifications that allow the users to have a better overall experience.

Jonathan Chashper

All the members of a group on WolfPack get the same GPS route. Also, there’s a ‘pack radar’ feature that let the members see where other people in the group are. This is a really great feature as it allows the riders of the group to stay together and not get lost.

Another great feature of this app is its unique messaging system which is called – Three Tap Communication system. If you tap the screen while you’re riding you have a big button that says “Messages.” When you hit that button you have four other big buttons with pre-canned messages that you created before so you can safely communicate with your buddies without the need to actually text or take your eyes off the road for more than a second.


WolfPack has a huge community of bikers from various countries. People mark new routes, places of interests, etc. on the app. This gives you an opportunity to take a different route than the usual and enjoy your ride.

WolfPack has grown tremendously ever since its launch. Today, it has spread over 100+ countries with 25,000 users. There are over 4000 trips mentioned in this cool application. Most of the people who have tried out WolfPack are very impressed by it. This is why WolfPack’s retention rate is 75%, that is 350% better than the industry standard.

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