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ATGATT – All The Gear All The Time
Being a motorcyclist, you must’ve heard this phrase at least once in your life. Whether it’s riding on the streets, racing on a track, or exploring the vast deserts, it’s highly recommended that motorcyclists or bikers should wear as many safety or riding gear as possible. You never know what may happen. And there’s no steel cage or an airbag to protect you. Or is there?

Dainese has been making the history of motorcycling safety since 1972. It’s one of the best companies that produce riding gear. And it has taken the safety to one level up by launching the D-air, the first airbag system designed specifically for motorcyclists. And thanks to Wheels of Arabia for bringing this revolutionary safety product to the UAE. Wheels of Arabia is the authorised Dainese D-Air Premium Center and Dainese Custom Works Center. It is the only dealer in the United Arab Emirates that offers such unique products.

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What is Dainese D-air?

D-air detects automatically an unsafe situation and it activates to protect. The airbag is what makes D-air unique. It controls air to create an effective shield that surrounds the rider’s body in case of an impact. A patented internal Microfilaments Technology ensures that the air that inflates the airbag propagates in a balanced way. The result is that every single centimetre of the area is covered by effective protection.

How does it work?

The software and its algorithm are the core of the electronic control unit. The brain of D-air, that detects and analyses data from the sensors 1.000 times per second. Developed for over 20 years and adopted in MotoGP races since 2007, the algorithm has been refined in order to guarantee the highest level of reliability and safety.

Dainese Smart Jacket

Isn’t it brilliant? Well, what more exciting is the fact that Dainese just made the D-air more accessible by integrating it into a jacket, a Smart Jacket. It’s a portable airbag featuring the D-air technology, that can be worn alone, underneath or on top of any garment, as the rider prefers. It is packable, so it easily fits in any backpack, it is ventilated, so it can be used in season, and its technology is waterproof to protect riders regardless of weather conditions.

The entire system works on a rechargeable battery. It has a claimed backup time of 26 hours which is more than sufficient because you aren’t going to ride for that long straight, unless you’re trying to set some new world record or something. But yes, you do need to charge it, This is the only thing that you have to keep in mind while using this Smart Jacket.

Smart Jacket price and availability

Price of the Smart Jacket will be around 2600 AED. First units will be at the Wheels if Arabia showroom by October in limited quantity so you can pre-order your Smart Jacket if you want.

What else?

Apart from the Smart Jacket, Wheels of Arabia has also brought Dainese Custom Works in the UAE. It puts all Dainese’s innovation and craftsmanship at your service, freeing your experience and creativity to design the leathers you’ve always wanted. Every inch tailored to your body. Every feature chosen following your own desires. Hand made with care and passion. Check it out here.