The 2019 BMW S1000RR is one of the most anticipated bikes of the year. We’ve been seeing the spy shots of this bike for quite some time now. BMW recently unveiled the new S1000RR and once again it created a stir in the liter-class motorcycle segment. It is quite obvious that BMW took its sweet time to build the latest S1000RR, which is that much better than the outgoing model. So, what exactly makes the new 2019 BMW S1000RR so agile and stable? Read on to find out.

New frame

The new S1000RR sits on a completely new frame which BMW likes to call as the Flex Frame. It is a structure of four cast aluminium elements welded together using the engine as a stressed member and integrated at a 32-degree tilt.


Marcus Mund, Project Engineer Suspension, explains, “The main aim was to develop further enhanced riding dynamics as well as significantly reducing weight, compared to the predecessor model. We were able to meet this target by means of the new mainframe: the engine is now much more closely integrated as a load-bearing element, and there is a whole range of optimised details.”

It is a thumb rule for superbikes; less weight is always better. To shed off as many grams as possible from the new S1000RR, the mass of the top tubes, steering head and engine mounts have been significantly reduced. The new frame is also narrower than what we’ve seen in the outgoing bike. This helped BMW to reduce the width of the bike by up to 30mm. With all the wizardry behind the Flex Frame, BMW managed to reduce the weight of the frame by 1.3kg.

New swingarm

Replacing the swingarm of the old S1000RR, the new one on the new bike is 300g lighter. It comes with an under-slung bracing which allows having more space below the swingarm rather than above it. The bracing below has also allowed more freedom in the placement of the damper and spring unit, which can now be further away from the engine unit for reduced heat transfer.

2019-BMW-S1000RR-frame-UAE-DubaiThe under-slung bracing is not a new technology. It has been put to use in the Superbike racings where aftermarket swingarms are allowed. And since it is being used in a racing, you can be sure of its performance.

Longer wheelbase

The 2019 BMW S1000RR has a longer wheelbase; it has been extended by 9mm to reach a length of 1411mm. This extra wheelbase adds stability to the bike at high speeds. BMW also utilized this to put a tighter and aggressive the steering geometry.

These were some of the factors that make the all-new 2019 BMW S1000RR agile, nimble and stable at all times. We highly appreciate the kind of hard work and research that goes behind the scenes in making such amazing motorcycles. However, we do miss the asymmetric face of the S1000RR. Do you?