With only a few days before the holiday season, Kawasaki had to issue a recall notice for its Z900 series. This reason behind this recall is an issue with the rear brake hose and rear wheel rotation sensor wire routing. This recall affects a total of 1,173 units of 2018 Z900 motorcycles that include Z900, Z900 ABS, and Z900 RS manufactured between Aug and Nov 2017.

As per the reports, the improper routing of the rear brake hose and rear wheel rotation sensor wire can cause a few problems. If the hose comes in contact with the rear wheel, it can cause the brake fluid to leak

And if the rear wheel rotation sensor wire makes contact with the rear wheel it can lead to ABS light lighting up, can even cause the ABS system to deactivate, or the rider can also lose the speedometer reading.


The recall is currently for the USA only. Kawasaki will contact the owners of the affected motorcycles and will notify them about the issue. Owners will need to take their motorcycles to their nearest Kawasaki dealership for a checkup.

The dealerships will inspect the parts in question and re-route them correctly. The parts will be replaced if they have sustained any damage. Of course, all of this will be done free of cost. The recall process will begin from 17 Dec 2018.