Curtiss Motorcycles, which was previously Confederate motorcycles has unveiled a V-Twin cruiser called the Warhawk. This bike will be the last one to feature an internal combustion engine from the company before it moves to building electric bikes. 

Last year, Confederate Motorcycles announced its game plan for the future, which included renaming itself to Curtiss Motorcycle Company. The firm, which deals exclusively in building ultra-exotic cruisers powered by giant V-Twin engines, also announced its decision to shift to making electric motorcycles instead of the internal combustion products it currently makes.

The Curtiss Warhawk is a special motorcycle for a variety of reasons. For one, it is the first motorcycle wearing the Curtiss family name for a hundred years. Secondly, it is the last V-Twin powered bike the company will ever build, clearing the way for a new generation of electric two-wheelers. Thirdly, it pays homage to the man who invented the first American V-Twin motorcycle: Glenn Curtiss. Lastly, it is the culmination of Confederate Motorcycles’ 27 years worth of research.

“We’ve spent the past 27 years working to optimize and perfect Mr. Curtiss’s V-Twin invention,” says Curtiss CEO Matt Chambers. “There’s simply no way to make a more explosive hot-rod American V-twin than the Curtiss Warhawk.” Curtiss has poured all its know-how into the engine of the Warhawk, effectively making it a halo product for the company. “There’s simply no way to make a more explosive hot-rod American V-twin than the Curtiss Warhawk,” continues Mr. Chambers.

And he is rather true, as the V-Twin in question is quite powerful. The Curtiss Warhawk is powered by a 56-degree, triple OHC, air/oil-cooled four-stroke V-twin that displaces 2163cc. It produces 150 hp at 5,100 RPM and an earth-moving torque of 217 Nm from as low as 2,000 RPM. Even if the bike weighs a porky 258 kg with fluids, the power and torque figures shouldn’t let the mass be evident.

Curtiss Motorcycle Co. will only build 35 Warhawks, each priced at $105,000. production commenced on 20th of February, and the company will move on to making electric motorcycles in partnership with Zero after the last of the first and last leaves the shop.