Walt Siegl Motorcycles-L'Avventura-Dubai-UAE

Walt Siegl Motorcycles a custom motorcycle outfit based in New Hampshire announced a new motorcycle in the works: the L’Avventura custom ADV motorcycle.

Walt Siegl has had a successful history of collaboration with the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. The Bol D’Or, designed using MV Agusta’s famed triple-cylinder engine and chassis of the F3, is already in production on a made-to-order basis. Similarly, WSM also commissioned the Ducati Leggero cafe racer, built using the Ducati Supersport’s 800 cc Desmo L-Twin, again made to order.

MV-Agusta-Bol-dOr-by-Walt Siegl Motorcycles-Dubai-UAE
The stunning MV Agusta Bol D’Or.

The third motorcycle coming out of Walt Siegl’s creative mind is the L’Avventura. It is a Ducati only because the engine is an air-cooled 1100cc L-Twin. The rest of the motorcycle is custom, with handmade parts and specialist-made components coming together in perfect harmony to create a purposeful-looking adventure machine.

The L’Avventura is sprinkled all over with high quality components that include an SC Project carbon-fiber titanium exhaust. The clever routing of the pipes results in the upswept end can exiting just below the tail section. The tail of the L’Avventura shows off a creative artist’s handiwork, with its seductive curve making the bike look lightweight. And indeed, the bike is very light, tipping the scales at just under 160 kg dry, if reports are to be believed.

Ducati-Leggero-Walt Siegl Motorcycles-Dubai-UAE
The equally stunning Ducati Supersport Leggero.

Suspension is top notch, with Showa USDs up front and Öhlins monoshock out back. A 21-inch spoked wheel is hooked up to the front suspension, and a 17-inch spoked wheel to the rear via a fat double-sided swingarm. Massive Brembo brakes take care of anchoring duties.

The overall design of the L’Avventura is tasteful and understated, except for the pair of headlights. One light pod holds projectors, while the other is a yellow tinted fog lamp. Both combine to provide improved contrast and night vision. Walt Siegl has integrated the crash bars so seamlessly into the bike’s design, they appear like natural extensions of the Ducati trellis frame. The engine is protected by a long, cross-drilled aluminium skid plate.

Walt Siegl Motorcycles-L'Avventura-Dubai-UAE

The fairing is made of Kevlar, and true to WSM style, integrates smoothly into the fuel tank that holds 24.5 liters of fuel. The L’Avventura is not just about show, then. It will take you places without needing a dozen fuel stops along the way.

Walt Siegl is a man of many talents, one of which is professional endurance racing. His passion for the sport filters through in the L’Avventura’s design. It features a side plate to put up a racing number, and a navigation tower to hold GPS systems, all behind a tall tinted windscreen. The tower is removable for security or if one wants to navigate on foot. Nifty, thoughtful, and a lesson bigger manufacturers should take.

There is no word on pricing, finer specs or launch details yet, but the WSM L’Avventura already looks like a promising adventure machine. We await the arrival of this beauty on the roads eagerly.

Walt Siegl Motorcycles-L'Avventura-Dubai-UAE