Vigo Motorcycle-electric-motorcycle-UAE-Dubai

One of the biggest problems that electric motorcycles, or electric vehicles in general, face is the limited range from a single charge. There definitely has been an improvement over the years which is clearly visible in Tesla cars. Unfortunately, electric motorcycles still suffer from ‘range anxiety’. Vigo Motorcycle is aiming to break this anxiety issue by its own electric bike that has supposedly a range of around 640km.

Vigo’s electric motorcycle is surely very exciting to look at. It has a sharp design, aggressive looks, and an advanced instrument console. However, it isn’t a reality yet. Vigo says that this bike is fully electric and has around 120hp (90kW) that can take it to a top speed of 289kph (190mph). Being an electric machine, it is also faster in the 0-60mph sprint. It does that in just 3.2 seconds.

Vigo Motorcycle-electric-motorcycle-UAE-Dubai

But the biggest claim that Vigo is making is that its e-bike is capable of achieving a range of 640km (400mi) in a single charge. It can also charge up in just 30 minutes when charged by the company’s rapid charger.

There is no information about what kind of battery tech Vigo is using to claim such impressive numbers. Vigo says that it uses “a new battery technology which gives much higher battery density, lower weight, and higher loading and unloading speeds.”

As much as we like this entire idea, the truth is that Vigo is currently looking for investors. And so far its journey hasn’t been smooth. Unfortunately, Vigo has no real prototype of its electric bike. There are only a video, a website and a Facebook page which isn’t a promising sign for potential investors.

At this point in time, it would be very hard to comment on Vigo Motorcycle’s future and its product’s credibility. But we hope that it gets its funding and deliver on its promises. Because if that becomes a reality then it will really change the game of electric motorcycles.