Travis Pastrana Thames backflip

You must have seen many stunt riders/freestyle riders/motocross riders doing backflips on their motocross motorcycles, right? But how often have you seen anyone doing a backflip across two barges in a river? Stunt rider Travis Pastrana is the guy you should be aware of.

Travis Pastrana has successfully completed a proper 75ft backflip between two floating barges on the Thames river. You can watch the video below.

He had only a 150ft run-up to make the jump and only 36ft to stop before he had to start swimming, as there were no safety harness, no ropes, nothing. So, one mistake and you either crack your neck while slamming head-first into the landing ramp, or a miscalculation and you’d be in the river.

A similar stunt was attempted by an American freestyle motocross rider Mike Metzeger in Long Beach harbour in 2006. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do the jump successfully and fractured his L4 vertebra. Since then no one else attempted such a gig again until Travis.

The stunt was performed to promote the Nitro Circus: You Got This tour, which will visit 10 cities in six countries across Europe, starting with Birmingham on November 20. Speaking on his successful jump, Travis said, “Nitro Circus is turning me loose! With You Got This, I’m putting all of my best – and worst – ideas into one huge show. Everything I’ve ever wanted to see live, we’re taking on the road. Expect bigger, brand-new ramps and even more ridiculous stunts. It’s going to be unreal. Look out, though. There might be a few rough landings.”